The Right Five Journey (part 5)

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a road disappearing into the distance

Welcome to part 5 of The Right Five journey, from concept to product. In an attempt to provide continuity between these posts I re-read the last one and noticed the comment, “in a world of [almost] unprecedented uncertainty”. That just got ratcheted up! Indeed, regular readers will know we outsourced the development of our product to a software development firm … Read More

Your Pathfinder Could Be Someone Who Crashed & Learned

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wooden tiles spelling learn from failure

“Candidates who have experienced failure with a back catalog of tales of adversity in their careers are of the most interest to me; in short, I am looking for someone who has failed”, to paraphrase the interviewer’s opening gambit. The occasion was a first interview to facilitate a move from one well established and mature industry into a relatively new, … Read More

Working Together to Hire Your First Salesperson

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An image showing the hiring process and responsibilities when using The Right Five

Many B2B tech founders struggle to successfully make their first sales hire. Why is it so difficult? There are three main reasons.  1) what sales support founders think they need and what they actually need to get their business to scale are often misaligned. Founders often lean towards salespeople with the best rolodex or who are the most extroverted, neither … Read More

The Right Five Journey (part 4)

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a road disappearing into the distance

It’s February! Where did January go and what did we achieve? (There’s a song in there somewhere.) If you’ve read our earlier posts on the journey you’ll know that we have outsourced our product development to a firm in Ukraine and we continue to ready ourselves for launch in parallel with various marketing activities. Firstly, the product development. The design … Read More