Simple Startup Math

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a pen and mathematical equations

My thanks to ex-colleague Greg Head for highlighting the often missing simple startup math in startup investor pre-pitches. He’s highlighting companies that are (generally) pre-revenue but who are articulating making it big without a supporting plan. On the valuation curve, he’s talking about businesses effectively at time zero and asking the questions: How are you going to get your first … Read More

How Much Per Lead!?

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If you’re a B2B tech founder with previous marketing experience then you’ll be well aware of the costs associated with creating awareness in your business and turning that awareness into leads.  It’s certainly not unusual for a steady-state cost per lead to be north of $50 and significantly more in highly competitive sectors. And that’s steady-state. Figuring out how to … Read More

Will Your First Sales Hire Have 3D Night Vision Skills?

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The Milky Way

Stargazing can be amongst the most stimulating and peaceful of pursuits. Hours can drift by in seemingly a blink such is the enchantment of the constellations. The sheer scale of our own Milky Way galaxy, let alone the wider universe, is mind boggling beyond comprehension. The distances are vast: more than 200 billion stars and a diameter of ~200,000 light … Read More