How Do You Scale Sales at a Startup?

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Startup Valuation Curve

Scaling Sales at a startup is a three step process: Prove product/market fit by achieving founder-led sales and proving that someone will pay, Hire a Pathfinder salesperson whose role is to develop a predictable, repeatable, scalable, profitable Sales process (a.k.a. a Playbook), Build out the Sales organisation to implement the Playbook at scale. Note: your Sales leader for this stage … Read More

When Should I Hire My First Sales Rep?

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You’ve successfully built and launched your product and made some initial sales. You’re probably like most Founders and looking forward to getting out of the Sales front line and wondering when you should hire your first Sales rep. If that’s you, then you’ve already passed two of the three major milestones to hiring your first Sales rep: Established product/market fit … Read More