How Do I Make My First Sales Hire?

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When you started your company, you didn’t say to yourself, “Boy, I can’t wait until I need to hire my first salesperson.”  We’ve been there. We get it.  You want to spend more time developing your product or service and satisfying your initial customers. It’s highly unlikely you started your company dreaming of the moment you could make your first … Read More

Sector Experience – The Be All and End All?

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At The Right Five, we deliver candidates for interview that we know have the skills required to succeed as the first Sales hire in a B2B tech startup. We call them Pathfinders. All you have to do is choose the one that “fits best” (we’ll come back to that). These candidates have the requisite all round sales and marketing skills … Read More

Why Time Off is Good for You

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I like to work. My guess is that you do too.  That’s why you are in the startup world. You want to do the work it takes to see your idea become reality.  Our team at The Right Five likes to work. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have started this company.  It’s probably a safe bet that your team likes … Read More

Who Should Be Your First Sales Hire?

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Quick. Think of a salesperson. What comes to mind? How do you feel about that person?  If you are like most of us, we’re suspicious of salespeople. They are the ones that try to get us to buy a car we can’t afford, pitch ethically questionable extended warranties, and seem to hover over us in certain stores.  Throw in the … Read More