Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble

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a man looking at the night sky. In the face if such an expanse of unknown, how can we not be humble?

At The Right Five and The Pathfinder Company, we know that it’s a balancing act between showing confidence and having practical humility. This is especially true when talking to bosses, funders, or potential clients. Like an attorney, you often have to put your best face forward. That doesn’t mean ignoring challenges or problems with products—or your own skill set—it just … Read More

Can People Change?

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the word "Change" in neon

How many relationships have hinged on this question? Can addicts stop using, mean people become nice, a conservative a liberal or vice versa, an atheist a believer, an extrovert an introvert, a couch potato athletic, a follower a leader, a bad negotiator a good one? Can people become a Pathfinder? Neuroscience and Psychology, along with a lot of anecdotes, say … Read More

Addiction to Work, The Real Danger

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notepad with the words "Take a Break" written on it

I listen to a number of podcasts, including a few by comedians. It is fairly common for comedians to have grown up in dysfunctional households and/or have had to overcome their own demons of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. What often strikes me is that once they have stopped using, many shift their addictive personalities towards work—which often leads to … Read More

Personality, Tests, and Pathfinders

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wooden tiles spelling out "who are you"

Business leaders need to understand their team’s personality, drivers, and skills to optimize team dynamics, enhance communication, and foster a productive work environment. Personality and skills assessments can serve as valuable tools for business leaders to gain insights into their own and their team members’ unique traits and characteristics. When considering a personality assessment, it’s essential to differentiate between those … Read More

Conducting a Team

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conductor conducting a choir

Business is often more art than science. The art of building a team can be likened to that of conducting a choir, where the conductor must harmonize various components to create a unified and powerful performance. The conductor of a choir and a team leader share a similar vision and purpose. The conductor’s primary role is to guide the choir … Read More