Hiring Your First Salesperson with The Right Five

The Right Five has developed a proprietary assessment technology to identify those candidates (the Pathfinders) proven to succeed as the first Sales hire within B2B tech businesses. This assessment is hosted along with your private dashboard such that you all you need to do is compare the Pathfinders, choose the five you want to interview and select the right one for your business. Here's how it works:

An image showing the hiring process and responsibilities when using The Right Five


  • When you sign up for The Right Five you will receive your unique, branded assessment link.
  • Use that link in your job ads.
  • Candidates take the assessment.
  • Kick back and skip the hard part of dealing with hundreds of resumés.
  • The system will let you know how many candidates have completed the assessment and how many Pathfinders have been identified.


  • This is the part where you kick back.
  • Dealing with hundreds of resumés? No more.
  • The Right Five scores the candidate assessments and identifies the Pathfinders.
  • Those candidates not identified as a Pathfinder will be emailed by the system and informed they will not be interviewed.


  • You've gone from hundreds of candidates down to 5-10 Pathfinders you know can do the job.
  • Use the dashboard to compare their skill sets, location etc.; check out their resumés and choose the 5 you want to interview.
  • Communicate appropriately with all Pathfinders.


  • With the knowledge that every Pathfinder can do the job, concentrate on selecting the one best suited to you, your company and way of working.
  • Remember to communicate with those you don't make an offer to.
  • You've done it, you've got your Pathfinder, you're on your way to scale-up.