To AI or Not AI? That is the Question

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The letters Ai representing Artificial Intelligence.

The world is impersonal enough, we don’t want some algorithm to reject a resumé because HR was too busy to look at your unique set of experiences and background. Techniques such as scanning for keywords or, worse, employment gaps and arbitrarily excluding candidates based on those gaps can lead to employers missing out on great candidates and is potentially discriminatory. … Read More

The Great Resignation…

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this must be the place

…or as Gary Vaynerchuk said, “what about the great ‘not even applying in the first place’?” The seeds of the “great resignation” go back several years and it was Texas A&M’s Anthony Klotz who gave it a name back in 2019. A 2021 Microsoft survey of over 30,000 workers showed 41% were considering quitting their job with that number rising … Read More

The Right Five and the Candidate

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Candidate Benefits and Data Privacy

If you’re a candidate and have been asked to take The Right Five Pathfinder assessment you may be wondering what it’s all about, what’s in it for you and what we do with your data. Let’s spend a moment talking about one of the major challenges faced by B2B tech startups – getting their first Sales hire right. Most founders … Read More