The Right Five and the Candidate

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Candidate Benefits and Data Privacy

If you’re a candidate and have been asked to take The Right Five Pathfinder assessment you may be wondering what it’s all about, what’s in it for you and what we do with your data.

Let’s spend a moment talking about one of the major challenges faced by B2B tech startups – getting their first Sales hire right. Most founders struggle with this and many fail to move from startup to scale-up because of serial failures.

Why? Largely because the Founder is unaware of the role of this first Sales hire which is to develop a predictable, repeatable, scalable, profitable sales process (a Playbook) which can then be used by a Sales team as the business scales up. Even when aware of the role, the Founder may not be aware of the requisite skills to be successful in that role.

This first Sales hire is what we call a Pathfinder and the skills required to be a successful Pathfinder are very different to the skills of the [more typical] ‘Playbook’ salesperson. Hence, The Right Five and our Pathfinder assessment. The assessment automates the process of identifying Pathfinders from, potentially, hundreds of candidates enabling the Founder to interview a select few (five?), thereby, saving the Founder time and getting the right person into the market quickly.

So, what’s in it for you and what do we do with your data?

Let’s talk about your data first. You will complete your online assessment using The Right Five product (on our domain). Your results and your personally-identifying information will only be provided to the company you are currently applying to. It will not be shared, sold or traded to any other organization (including other of our clients who may also have parallel hiring campaigns ongoing).

That means, to safeguard your privacy, if you apply to another firm who are using The Right Five assessment, you will need to retake the assessment for that employer.

Let’s talk about the benefits to you as a candidate.

Firstly, as mentioned above, the skill sets required to be a Pathfinder are very different to those of other Sales roles. Not better, just different. The Right Five assessment tests for these Pathfinder skills and identifies those candidates we would classify as a Pathfinder. If your skill set doesn’t match, then that will prevent you taking up a role that ultimately is not going to be a good match for you. Nobody wants to have a succession of short stays on their resumé.

Secondly, The Right Five ensures that communication between the hiring company and all candidates is efficient and timely. Once you take the assessment, you’ll know within a few hours whether you were classified as a Pathfinder or not. If you are, the hiring company will follow up with you directly regarding next steps. If you’re not, then you will know quickly and you can move on with opportunities more suited to your particular skill sets. Gone are the days of being routinely ghosted during your search for a new role.

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