The Smell of Money

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Money Makes the World Go Round, as the song goes. But what makes your first sales hire get out of bed? Are they just motivated by the almighty buck or is something else helping drive their ambition?  We all have dreams of being the next startup that gets the unicorn valuation of US$1 billion. To begin any business journey, you … Read More

Build your Startup Brand

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Relationships and reputation are the keys to your startup brand. Outside of the founder and the performance of your product, the biggest impact on both is your first Sales hire.  Outside of the founder, the first Sales hire is the biggest brand evangelist and brand ambassador. They are the first individual your clients will meet and likely be the person … Read More

When Experience Hurts Sales

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We all want the person with the biggest bat. It’s normal. But that instinct—which is a huge bias—can hurt your efforts in hiring your first salesperson.  We understand the tendency for B2B tech startup founders to look for their first sales hire to have a long resumé, a huge contact list, and swagger. From the outside, that appears to be … Read More

How Do You Find Sales People to Hire?

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Talent is hard to find. Good sales talent is harder. Perhaps the hardest is the person who can be successful as the first Sales hire at your B2B tech startup—those we call Pathfinders.  We have found Pathfinders are individuals who have the right combination of vocational and deep skills that will enable them to succeed as your first Sales hire. … Read More

Keeping Perspective When Things Get Weird

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The Right Five is here to help you get your B2B tech start-up’s first sales hire right the first time. We’ve been you. And, right now, we are you too. We are a startup. As founders we are doing this work because we want to, we have a passion for it, and we know that we can make life better … Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Will Love Your First Sales Hire

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The top five reasons you will love your first sales hire are:  Money. I mean, that’s why you hired them, right? They will bring in new revenue.   Expansion. They will help expand your company’s reach and help identify new markets.  Thought partner. They will get critical feedback from customers and help think of new ways to serve them.  Builder. They … Read More

How Do I Make My First Sales Hire?

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When you started your company, you didn’t say to yourself, “Boy, I can’t wait until I need to hire my first salesperson.”  We’ve been there. We get it.  You want to spend more time developing your product or service and satisfying your initial customers. It’s highly unlikely you started your company dreaming of the moment you could make your first … Read More

Sector Experience – The Be All and End All?

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At The Right Five, we deliver candidates for interview that we know have the skills required to succeed as the first Sales hire in a B2B tech startup. We call them Pathfinders. All you have to do is choose the one that “fits best” (we’ll come back to that). These candidates have the requisite all round sales and marketing skills … Read More