Why Startups Should Manage Recruitment Directly

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When you are a startup, you have to take every opportunity to get your name out in order to attract customers and talent. 

Yet, many startups give up a massive opportunity for increasing name identity. 

This happens in a number of areas, but critically when they are seeking their first salesperson. Startups often turn to recruiters to fill this role which is an incredibly expensive proposition, and their search is often done under the branding of the agency which is great for the agency but deprives you of increased brand awareness. 

Oftentimes, recruiters keep their full list of candidates hidden, so you don’t know how many people applied or if the agency just turned to their in-house database to throw some candidates your way. How many candidates were actually exposed to your brand? You’ll never know.

Getting your brand in front of every potential candidate can be incredibly useful for your long-term prospects. Even if the candidate doesn’t fit your current needs, they might work at companies that could use your product or tell others what you’re doing—that is a potential source of prospects. 

Better yet, just because they didn’t match this current position doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be a match later. Having those names and resumés handy could help you fill positions more quickly next time around. 

Another challenge with recruiters, and, if we are honest, with most companies these days, is ghosting candidates. It’s incredibly frustrating when someone goes through the process of applying for a job and hears nothing, ever. It doesn’t leave a good taste in the mouth. 

That’s why startups need to manage recruitment directly. It allows them to:

  • Save money.
  • Maintain control over their brand.
  • Increase name recognition.
  • Develop a list of potential prospects.
  • Maintain a database for future hires. 

But, that’s a hard and complicated process, especially for the first sales hire. 

That’s where The Right Five comes in. We have developed the only hiring solution specifically for B2B tech startups hiring their first salesperson. 

Our proprietary, automated assessment tool and rules engine combines qualitative research with industry expertise that screens candidates for you, looking for those with the Pathfinder skillsets.

Pathfinders have a unique set of qualifications that have been proven to be successful in startup environments. 

Our easy-to-use automated process—which has your branding— delivers the right five Pathfinder candidates to you so you can choose the one that is the best fit. Hiring the right salesperson the first time saves you time, and money, and, critically, increases your speed to market. 

To solve for the ghosting problem, we have set up an automated communication system where all candidates will hear from you about where they are in the process. This helps you build a strong reputation for future growth. 

In our dashboard, you have access to all the resumés of everyone who has applied. So, you can use that information for future job openings or other relevant business information. 

Best of all, we are very inexpensive. We charge just under US$1,000. Compare that to any recruiting firm. 

Want to find out more? Watch this five-minute overview and demo of The Right Five or send us a note and we will set up a meeting.

Curious to know more about the assessment? Want to see if you are a Pathfinder? You can take the assessment here for free but make sure you check out the notes at the bottom of that post before you start. Your results are yours, we don’t share them with anyone.

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